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Why Blog Beast

Blog Beast is the latest version of the original Empower Network platform.

The new blogging system seeks to simplified the process of building a website and creating an online presence and following. Additionally blog beast offers cutting edge marketing tools and leadership training to help new website owners understand the psychology of readers and create a more engaging audience and profitable results.

To launch Blog Beast to the Internet marketing world and better explain all the benefits the new system offers, Co-founders David Wood and Dave Sharpe have created a Movie!

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Using Blog Beast

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or someone who desires to create an online presence, to attract more targeted leads and prospects, a website is one of the most powerful business tools one can use to get more attention and connect with potential clients.

Here are just a few benefits that come along with creating a usable website for small business ventures or starting a business online:

A Website Makes You Visible To Potential Customers

By Creating a website you stop being invisible to people searching to find information about your products and services online. More and more we are now becoming aware of the ROBO effect – where customers are Researching Online and Buying Offline.

Now days people go online, type their problems and needs on search engines, looking to research any website which comes up for those queries. If you or your business lack an online presence there is no way you will ever show up online; making it almost impossible for new customers to find you.

A Website Allows You To Create Another Sales Tool

A website is a powerful and useful sales tool which allows you to address your customers concerns, provide them with information needed to make buying decisions and create direct calls of action to readers.

This medium gives you and your business a home where people can seek out trusted information about your products or services. You can use it to build and create a sense of confidence in your brand or the services offer.

Build Authority with Blog Beast       

Event thou the Internet has been around for some time now, it’s true that you didn’t always need a website to find a targeted audience.  In the past it was a lot easier to market through Yellow pages, Direct mail, or local word of mouth advertising. However today, Yellow pages are almost dead and people get so much junk in the mail that it can be hard to find new customers using these old out-dated methods.

Today, your website and social presence are some of the factors that new customers are looking for before making purchases or spending any money.

Build An E-mail List –               

You may be familiar with that phrase “ The fortune is on the follow-up”. You can potentially gain a lot of value by creating an e-mail list of people who are all interested in your particular niche and market.

Truth is, the money is in the relationship with the email list’, Understanding the needs and desires of your subscribers and targeting them accordingly is a guaranteed recipe for success in the Internet marketing industry.

One of the biggest and most attractive attributes of Empower Network’s new blog beast network is that it is a world changing force when it comes to multiplying and amplifying your message to the world.

For best results one should aim to provide value to the list to perpetuate and grow a relationship with potential buyers, which can make them more incline to buy from you.

The New Blog Beast Platform is a complete marketing system, which makes it easier than ever before to have a website and build an e-mail list with out the technical difficulties and learning curve that were once ONE of the biggest obstacles for entrepreneurs and start up businesses.

To learn more about Blog Beast, visit the link below to watch the Movie.

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