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6 Reasons To Start Your Own Online Business TODAY!!

6 Reasons To Start Your Own Online Business TODAY!!

Still until this day many people view the Internet from a narrow lens – Either they think you have to sale all your personal possessions on Ebay or they believe you have to create the next big thing and become the next Mark Zuckerber….

These assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth, the reality is that there are multiple ways to create a real legitimate income online and TODAY there are as many people making this lifestyle work for them as there are opportunities to cease in the World Wide Web!

We would know… We have been traveling the world and leveraging the internet working with Online Systems For years.- Click here to work with us!

For example as an online business owner you could:

  • Sell your handmade or art creations.
  • Sell other people’s products and earn commissions from each sale as an affiliate.
  • Run a large content site that provides valuable information and generates revenue throughout advertising.
  • Provide professional services for clients around the world
  • General leads for local or offline businesses.

Just to name a few….


Even thou the “HOW” of internet business is important we know that there are millions of online business models that can suit your personality, strength and desires in the market place….

What really REALLY matters in todays economy and the direction and shape the world is taking is the “WHY” – that is why you should consider taking that leap of faith and start an online business.

The following are just a few reasons and benefits that may help you make a decision and encourage you to take control of your future and start a business today:


When you ask a few people what they think about starting an online business, you will probably get at least one person who answers with “ Its too risky!” which in my personal experience is complete B.S….

When you learn how to market and run a business online, you are actually training yourself for long lasting job security.

If you learn the process of selling and marketing online, chances are you can repeat this process over and over again, with any product or service you desire to sale.

If you learn how to send traffic to your offers and sale products or if you learn how to buy paid advertisement and you learn how to chose products that are hot to sale, you could do this over and over again no matter what you are selling or what online business model you are using.

Now compare the ability to create an online income stream at will with working for one company under 1 BOSS, with a single employer…

What sounds more Risky now?!

If we take in consideration how many companies close or lay out people on a daily basis… ultimately working for someone sounds more risky than starting your online business today.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Reason #2 The Freedom To Work on Projects You Are Truly Passionate About

When you work for someone else, chances are you are not spending your precious time working on things you are passionate about – You are likely doing work and completing tasks to fatten someone else’s packet.

While working for someone else works fine for some people, most employees don’t really know what they are missing by exchanging time for money and giving their life away to the daily grind.

If you feel unsatisfied with your job or daily work schedule, you owe it to yourself to check out, investigate and at least learn more about the personal fulfillment that can come from running your own online business.

Reason #3 Get access to a larger network of buyers and clients

If you learn how to market onlin,e at the same time you are also learning how to access a wider variety of clients and buyers for whatever it is you are selling or service you are providing.

Often times when you work for one employer you have limited time to work on expanding your network and now days with the way the world is, YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET-WORTH and is important to let others know about your expertise, passions and desire.

Establishing an online presence gives you global access to people who may need and want your products or services, regardless of where they are — As an Internet business owner you are free to think as big as you want and connect with as many people as possible. This is the true definition of “Going global” which is becoming more and more important now days!

Reason #4 – Get Rid of Childcare Expenses

If you have a baby or toddler you know childcare is not cheap and is steadily going up.

When you start an online business you will probably find that not only will you have more time to spend with your kids but also you will cut expenses by not having to take them to child care.

For most people with dual family income cutting childcare expenses can be a big deal.

Work from home moms are also a huge and growing niche online and if you learn how to become a savvy marketer you can create a big community online for work from home moms, which is big business!

Reason #5 – Low Start up Cost

If you have always wanted to start a business or if it was in your to-do list, you may be familiar with the high investment and risk that it can take to start a business in the “real” offline world.

Think about it – if you were to start a business in the “real” offline world you would have to pay for location, inventory, employees and much more.

As an online business owner your expenses to start a business are significantly reduce. Even if you decide to purchase inventory for your online business or if you have to invest in a few tools or education to learn how to successfully run it, your start up cost will be much lower than starting an offline business.

Reason #6 Higher Earning Potential

If you are currently working for someone else your earning potential is limited by the amount of time that you can trade  for money ( which is limited to 10 hours at best)  OR your field and experience limit you.

For example if you work as a teacher, regardless of the credentials of certifications that you have you could never attain the million dollar salary that maybe a sales person, a banker or lawyer could attain.

In contrast when you work online and you learn how to market and sale a few products, you could sale 60… The sky and your own ambition are really the limits when you work online.

Here’s what We want from you today:

STEP 1: Tell me about your experience starting an online business. Do you want to start an online business? Why/why not? What kind of revenue/impact do you want to make?

STEP 2: Leave a comment here telling me what most EXCITES you about starting an online business… You may have an offline business or service already and are looking for ways to better promote it online, let us know we may be able to help!

Be brutally honest! We read every single comment (yes, really).


Starting An Online Business NOW!

If you are ready to start a business online we want to share with you the easiest and most effective way to get started and that is… using a complete systems that not only trains you on how to market but at the same time provides a complete business in a box so you can begin earning an income right away, without having your own products….

and become part of a community of active entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their life and working towards the future they know they deserve!


Troy & Melissa – Higher Commissions- Prosperity Team
Cosmic Abundance
Skype: Melissa65372

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