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How To Get Paid Blogging Online

How To Get Paid Blogging Online

Blogging is essential for your online business to engage your target audience, establish credibility, attract new customers and the attention of search engines.

Unlike static websites, a blog gives readers the opportunity to engage in discussions, ask about your products or services and make a connection with you. Making this connection is great for your brand since it gives readers a glimpse of the personal side of you and your business.

When starting an online business is essential to have a website where future customers can reach you, find out about you and the things you offer.
Blogging daily can help, while providing relevant and fresh content for search engines to index and be an easy find for your customers when searching the web.

Blogging With Empower Network–

Empower Network has made it easy for people to start blogging despite the technical difficulties which can be experience when starting a website from scratch. With Empower Network you will get all the benefits of a fully functional website to start promoting your business or simply share your hobbies to attract like-minded people.

There are other blogging platforms online such as Tumbler or Word Press but these are not design for affiliates or for making money.

Many people are using the Empower Network blog as a tool to attract traffic to their primary business.
Blogging is essential for branding your business as an authority in your niche and to make your business or brand known.

Top 5 Benefits Of Blogging With Empower Network-

#1- is an 8-year-old Domain.

When it comes to ranking websites, SEO (Search engine Optimization), Google takes in consideration the age of the domain; when deciding which sites to display on the first pages of the search engine.
They do this to provide their customers with the best and most relevant results for their searches.
Google ranks aged domain as authority sites. So housing your content in an aged domain like empower network will give you a little boost on the search engines.

Benefit #2- Content is added Daily To The Empower Network Domain

There are over 80,000 affiliates blogging daily in the Empower Network domain, making a relevant site, with daily fresh content on the eyes of Google.
When a new member joins Empower Network a new blog with their username is created under the Empower Network domain.

To create a website for branding and establishing your brand as an authority, is important to create content for people to see and find. Starting a brand new domain, on a brand new site with limited content it will take more time and more work to rank your content.

If you already have a website additional to your EN blog is a good idea to link to your Empower Network site, to pass authority to your site and leverage the link juice.

Benefit #3 – The Empower Network blog is equipped with everything you need to start marketing-

The blog is ready for you to start blogging as soon as you join.

For example, when we signed up we choose “empowernetworker” as a username. So a new blog was created for us under,

Many people give up on their online business, simply because the technology is way over their heads and they don’t fell capable of making it happen.
Empower Network takes care of all the technology so you can focus on creating quality content to attract traffic.

Benefit #4 -Empower Network – Graphics and Sell Funnels Ready

Another problem when it comes to marketing and making money online when starting from scratch is coming up with all the marketing material, banners, auto-responder series and everything you need to retain prospects and create buyers.

Empower Network can do all the marketing for you. The company has already establish, sell funnel systems and will do all the marketing for you. Your main job is to share and bring traffic to the site and already high converting capture pages.

Most new marketers experience technical problems and a high learning curve when getting started from scratch. Empower Network gives you a real, fair chance to succeed in the Internet marketing world regardless of your technical skills and knowledge.

With Empower Network you can learn as you earn!

Benefit #5 – If you use Empower Network, you can refer it to others and Earn 70% commissions.

When you use Empower Network you can refer it to others to earn 70% of the commissions. The company offers multiple products, which provide cutting edge marketing training for anyone interested in learning how to market and sell things online. There is nothing like the empower network, offering cutting edge marketing information and the tools to get started right away.

Empower Network pays you to blog and share the opportunity with others!

Click here to Join and Start Blogging on Your New Empower Network Website!

Making money with Empower network includes blogging daily to drive traffic to your website.

You can blog about anything.

Is a good idea to sometimes blog about subjects in the news or of interest to people in the now, to get LIVE traffic.

For example:

During the week of the super bowl, for those who are sports fan; it would be a good idea to write about the super bowl, maybe your favorite team or what you feel the outcome of the game may be.
Special occasion like Valentines, mothers day or what ever it is you find special are good subjects to blog about.

The reason why to blog about relevant news or things going on is to attract LIVE traffic. The main objective of blogging is to get traffic, attention and eye balls to your Empower Network site.

Another great idea is to check out, a few of these websites for ideas on what to write about: for the most current visited sites on the web. for the most visited videos on you tube or for the hottest current Google trends.
Just to name a few.

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