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How Does Empower Network Work?

Empower Network Brief Review

It could be hard to find a legitimate way to make money online, as there are so many opportunities coming out everyday. One of the best programs that recently came out and has made a lot of money for those that have taken action is Empower Network, created by David Wood.

On the surface Empower Network is a viral blogging platform. But if you look at the opportunity in depth you will find that is more than that and it can be very useful to grow your online business. I probably haven’t said enough yet for you to jump in and join, so let me explain to you what empower network is all about….

What is Empower Network All About?

Empower network launch on Oct 31 2011, 2 months after its launch it already had more than 13,000 paying members and it had pay over $2 million in commissions. Because of the sudden growth of empower network the website is already the 324th largest website according to Alexa, which is pretty impressive!

The basic empower network membership cost $25 every month. For that price you get access to the viral blogging platform, that is similar to the one uses, so it should be pretty easy to use and familiar to you if you have ever had a word press blog.

How will you make money with Empower Network?

empower network money opportunityEmpower network is a viral blogging platform because it has social media buttons all over the website that allows you to share it, and it uses Facebook comments that are naturally viral tools. Once someone lands in your blog and clicks any of the banners in the page, they will be taken down to a sell funnel created by David Wood, (that has an 80% conversion rate) if they join they will be joining under your affiliate link and you will get pay a commission.

The reason why this program is so appealing to many is that it pays 70% commissions. This is huge! The commissions are send directly into your bank account. If anyone you referred or a random visitor that lands in your page decides to buy the basic empower Network Membership, you will get $17 send to your back account.

Additionally the program uses a compensation structure that will help you have all the members in your organization active.

This is how it works…

The first sale that you make in Empower Network goes directly to you. The 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sell you make goes to the person that referred you to the program or sponsor. As more and more people join your organization, you will receive a commission from those members just like your sponsor receives from you, this could mean a lot of money over time. empower-network

The opportunity gets better as Empower Network offers more than one basic membership and they sell other upsell products that members can buy.

Empower network offers other upsell products like, The Empower Network inner Circle, which is a powerful audio training from members and marketers that are making over 6 figures a year already. This program is $100 a month.

Another upsell product is the Costa Rica Intensive Program; this is the video training from a $3000 seminar David Wood presented in Costa Rica. This program cost an additional $500 one-time fee.

To be able to sell the upsells and receive a commission you must also purchase the upsells yourself. This is a huge fear of loss incentive for all members in your organization to upgrade their membership and purchase the upsell offers. If you don’t buy the products, you don’t have the right to sell them. A pretty good incentive to upgrade.

If someone buys all the upsells you will make $625 in instant commission and $125 residual income. If you don’t have the right to sell the upsells, because you haven’t bought them yourself, the commission roles up to the next person in your organization that has purchased the products and has the right to sell them.

Blogging in Empower Network

Because the Empower Network Blog has gained a lot of authority, it gives you a chance to rank for the keywords you want much easier.
Also if you want to rank one of your websites, you can use empower network as a Web 2.0 property, and link your site to it.

You can write about pretty much anything you want in Empower Network. If you are new to blogging and ranking websites, Empower Network is the best way to get started, as is already SEO friendly and the training David Wood and expert marketers offer is amazing!

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