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Empower Network August 2012 Update

empower-network-membersIf you haven’t been hiding in a cave the last 9 months you have heard of Empower Network by now.

The network of Empowered Entrepreneurs recently hit 40,000 members strong and has paid out over a staggering 10 million dollars in commissions after only a brief time period of 9 short months since the official launch, breaking numerous records in the history of the internet/affiliate/network marketing industry.

I’m going to give you a quick overview on what empower network is and what empower network isn’t, so you can make an educated decision on how it can potentially and exponentially benefit you and your online business.

What is Empower Network?

Empower network is a marketing tool and blogging platform that will help you cut the learning curve to marketing, creating, telling, and selling “things” online.

The network is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can see the bigger picture and have the vision to leverage their marketing and traffic generating efforts to produce a residual income every month by promoting and offering a MESSAGE that works, is proven, and is results-oriented.

The Empower Network membership gives you access to an entire ‘plug and play’ viral blogging system and complete internet-marketing education program that will help you get more leads to your business while keeping it simple for you.

If you are struggling with creating a site, designing a blog and ranking it on search engines, Empower Network was created, originated, and coordinated for YOU.

How Empower Network works - To create your own blog, get hosting, build the website into current SEO standards and techniques then proceed to attempt to rank it can take some time and effort. Not only that but you’ll have to update the site with fresh content on a daily basis, just so your content can rank (this is not ideal for the “less experienced marketers”.

Instead of spending time creating a website and ranking it, empower network gives you a fully-design blog to get started. Since there are other members that like you will be bogging on the site, it helps the site gain authority with search engines. This constant activity on the site increases your content rankings.

The bottom line is the Empower Network system will help rank your content faster than a brand new blog and is a great tool to avoid learning how to start a site from scratch and setup your own hosting account and website templates.

Click here→ To learn how to get started with Empower Network

Why Empower Network?

Additional to having some of the most committed and knowledgeable leaders in the industry, lots of useful information and marketing tools under one platform, Empower Network is a ground-breaking, revolutionary blogging system that has never graced the presence of the internet marketing space. In addition to the self-expressing blogging system, Empower leaders David Wood along with all of the other top gurus in EN are able to show whether you their most coveted marketing secrets, tips, and recommendations to help you understand the entire process of making money onlin.

If you are into network marketing, have a product or service to promote and need more leads for your business, is on your best interest to learn how to get customers online. This system is the best way to get started with little to no technical skills.

Empower Network has accumulate the latest online training in the industry from a large group of marketers who are making a life-changing income online.

Empower pays 70% commissions when someone joins you on any of the 4 membership levels, that means 70% of your money + more back into your pocket.

The secret to leveraging the power of Empower Network is going All-In, so you don’t miss the chance to earn a full commission from someone who joins you. Focus put some of your time to it and get all In, because it does work!

So far empower has paid over 10 million dollars in commissions and going up by the day. The opportunity has gone viral and is hitting momentum right now, so there is not better time to get started than NOW.

Let’s go over to what Empower Network is NOT.

Empower network is a direct marketing program and not your conventional MLM business. You can make an awesome life changing income by promoting it, but it doesn’t have to be your primary MLM program.

You can use it to promote your main business or anything else you want.

Basically use it as a marketing tool.

If you are happy with your MLM company chances are you don’t what to start promoting anything new. The good news is you wont have to with empower; instead the platform can be use to promote your main opportunities and attract like-minded marketers

You don’t have to be in the MLM business to use Empower Network. You can blog about anything that interest you.

You can also use it to promote your products, services, real state, insurance, you name it!

Signing up for empower doesn’t mean you can’t start a new blog but you have the chance to start getting traffic to your offers with empower right away.

If you have a blog already, use empower to link it. Over time this will help increase your blogs credibility and rankings.

If you don’t have your own blog you can just focus on creating content for the empower blog. You will attract more visitors and increase the chances for your blog to be found.

Empower Network Pay Plan & Commissions

Empower network is a blogging platform that pays 70% commissions.

You can use this money to invest it right back on your business and help increase the number of leads.

Here is how the compensation plan works..

When you join Empower network you are not just joining an opportunity but a community of leaders with one of the best sales funnel out.

I feel very comfortable and confident to promote this opportunity to YOU and anyone, who wants to market their business online.

You can get started for only $25 + $20 (one time charge) to become an affiliate = $45.

So for only $25 you get access to a full blow viral blogging platform that can serve as a way to promote and get traffic to your business.

When you join with our link — You will get the following bonus

  •  2 coaching sessions that will get you started with a plan and increase your results! – $200 value
  • Our exclusive strategy to get more traffic and increase leads.
  • Access to our mastermind group chat online where we share strategies to grow the empower business.

Empower Network Summer Event 2012

If you are still on the fence and are not yet a member of the Empower Network, check out some of the pictures from the first event that took place in Atlanta, GA in June 2012.






Once you join add me on Skype: melissa65372 or send me an email to I’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.

Looking forward to connect with you!

To our success!

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