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Empower Network Atlanta Event 2012

Click Here —> To watch David Wood go over the Empower Network

Empower Network Atlanta Event 2012

This is my first week back since a great experience in Atlanta where I meet a lot of successful Internet marketers who were sharing their experience and life-changing testimonials with empower network.

If you have yet to join this powerful Internet marketing opportunity, what are you waiting for? Its ONLY $25 and there is a lot to gain from that minimal investment!

empower-network-atlantaIf you are searching for ways to bring a little extra income or make a full time income online, Empower Network can help!

If you have been working online for several months with no results, Empower Network can help!

If you have been working online without any guidance and missing a real community where everyone works together to get real results online! – Empower Can help you!

Listen here. I’m not trying to hype up this opportunity telling you how well it has worked for me and others online, but the truth is empower network is a brilliant platform that can help you get the results you are looking for without all the BS and the need to spend money on click bank and WSO products (that lots of you may be familiar with)

Click here–> To check out what empower network is all about. NO WUSSIES ALLOWED. This opportunity is only for people who are 100% ready to make a change and start working online.

Why Empower Network?

To tell you a little bit about my story, I have been working Internet marketing for the past 2 years and it has truly been a life changing experience.

empower-eventI have family overseas and is such a great feeling to be able to visit whenever I want without having to ask for “vacation time”. With my old job I would have never been able to do the things I do now!

After this weekend in Atlanta at the empower network event I saw so many people, that like me are enjoying the freedom and lifestyle that comes from internet marketing, with that said… I would feel like I’m not being grateful enough if I don’t share this opportunity with YOU.

If you think you need to be some kind of computer genius to make a full time income online that is not the case my friend! I know it, because I’m sure NOT a computer genius and neither are the hundreds of people I saw at the event making over 6 figures a year with this little online “scheme”

I have seen a lot of opportunities online and never seen one that compares to the value offer here at Empower Network. Specially because more opportunities don’t really show you how to make money online, but just try to dress it up with software and lack of support. The empower network models is designed to help everyone get ahead by using the strategies in the course, the good news is that you wont be doing this alone.

There is plenty of help and support to help you get started-> If you want to talk to someone to get started you can add me on skype melissa65372.

There were all kinds of people in Atlanta; I was surprise to see the diversity!

From people who are still working a full time job, young entrepreneurs, older people who have retired.

So… What’s the secret to making a full time income online with Empower Network?

Currently I’m part of a team with over 10 years of experience combined. What I have seen to work for them and people who make a full time income online, is the combination of a good system + traffic = sales.

empower-network-checkThe problem: Well most people don’t know how to make a site let a long a system that works, trust me it requires learning how to make sales copy, have a little knowledge about marketing and a lot more things that most of us don’t know about!

Having a system requires a website and most people don’t have the knowledge or the time to make a website and learn all this technical things.

The learning curve is the primary reason why most people give up on creating a business online.

The first step is to opt in and watch the video, Click Here-→ To Watch David Wood talk about empower network.

To start online you need a website where you can share your thoughts and services, that Is quick to manage and organize. This is why for $25 you get a completely functional website to start sharing information about your business or what ever your interests are.

Empower network pays 70% commissions. If you have been involved with internet marketing before,  any kind of network marketing products, or mlm business than you probably know the max most companies pay is 40% commissions.

Right now you may think that makes sense, because after all you are using their business to build your own, but once you see the potential in your business when you start getting 70% commission from Empower Network you wont work for anything less than that haha!

Having 70% commission is like creating your own product and cashing in for Guru money with less work, those of you who have created any products online or have any experience with product creation probably have an idea of how much goes involved in making your own product.

Watch the videos to learn more.

Getting traffic To Your Brand New Empower Network Site!

Most people struggle with driving traffic to their website. The truth is it can take you a long time to figure out how to drive traffic to your site if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy.

If you know anything about marketing with Google and SEO, than you know that authoritative sites rank better. This is why if you want to blog about what you like, it’s better to put your content on a website with authority, to help it rank for the keywords you want.

Empower network offers a complete Internet marketing training with simple strategies to use Facebook and other platforms to drive traffic to your site!

Empower Network Paving The Wave For Innovative Internet Marketing Business opportunities

I thought it was a highlight of the event when the attorney had a chance to speak. He touched on many key points about the MLM industry. Empower network plays a key role for future businesses because they are paving the way for innovative platforms to be formed.

Like the attorney said, Amway paved the way for MLM companies but online is a whole different ball game.

The possibilities are endless when you decide to take the first step to bring your business online. Think about it… If you learn how to market online and drive traffic to your sites it will be like having a store in the corner of a highly visited street. You have the potential to learn how to market and much more with empower network check out the video to learn more.

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