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About Empower Network

Empower network is a direct sales program not just a traditional MLM company. This system gives you 100% back of what you put in + much more!

Getting Started With Empower Network

Empower Network gives you a legit chance to have a positive cash flow in your business.

You can Use it to…

  • Build your current MLM opportunity
  • Increase the value of whatever business you are in; getting more leads through blogging.
  • Use it to improve and simplify your marketing online.
  • Or simply promote it to make lots of money- 70% commissions to be exact!

empower-network-low-priceYou don’t have to be in the MLM business to get started, but really any kind of business that involves relationship with others, leads, prospects such as insurance, real state, MLM, promoting your own services or products, or simply if you have something to say and want to get started with blogging, you name it!

The Empower network system was created to eliminate the common problems that get on YOUR way to making money.

Now that you know what Empower is and that it pays 70% commissions, let’s go over what you will get with each membership level.

Just to be clear from the start, YOU can’t make a commission on a product level that you HAVE NOT Purchase, so if you didn’t buy it you don’t have the right to sell it and make a commission from it.

Click Here–> To Get Started With Empower Network

Empower Network Membership Levels

The following are membership levels that you can purchase and get pay on in Empower:

Empower Network Viral Blogging System ($25 a Month)

This membership level includes basic access to the platform. On this level you get basic access to the marketing and blogging system and the ability to start earning $25 (70% commissions) from everyone that signs up with you at the basic level.

Additionally you will have access to the “core checklist” and the fast start training. Which are really the heart of the business.

Inner Circle Mastermind ($100 a Month)

The membership gives you full access to the inner circle training and the ability to earn $70 commissions for anyone who joins at this level with you.

This is an amazing training, create by some of the biggest leaders in the industry and can help you regardless of what you are trying to do online. Whether you want to learn how to market, how to increase your sales, where to begin marketing this training can help.

Everything you need to know to market properly and take control of your business is lay out for you in this training, so take the time, get serious and put action to it!

Top Producer Formula($500 one time payment)

This membership level gives you access to the entire Top Producer Formula training as well as the ability to earn $350 commissions for anyone that joins you at this level.

This video training is a private mastermind retreat that took place At David’s house in Costa Rica. The people that you see on this retreat had to pay $2997 to attend, additional to airfare and travel expenses.

For a one-time payment of $500 you will have an insider look at the training and the ability to learn from some of the best in the business.

This is an awesome training to shift your perspective on marketing and the core principles of marketing.

Team Building Formula($997 one time)

This is the best hands-on, marketing training online that can literally show you how to make 15k a month.

  • Discover a quick way to generate leads for your business.
  • Look over the shoulder of some of the best 7 figure earner marketers in the business.

If you follow the directions in this training you will be on the track to success.

Additional to what comes on the Team Building Formula there are a few bonus strategies with the course:

Bonus Strategy #1Social Media Marketing Strategy: Learn how to build a powerful marketing strategy on a budgets with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. This training will show you a step-by-step strategy that you can start using today.

Bonus Strategy #2Master Solo Ads: This strategy will show you exactly where to place your ads, where to get them from. Regardless if you are brand new in the industry and have never done a solo ad before, this single strategy can help you grow your list instantly.

Bonus Strategy #3Mastering Offline Marketing: A few tips to promote your market where there is no competition. Including a profitable way to get more attention to your business from ads, magazines, and much more.

How Do We Get Paid With Empower Network?

Empower Compensation Plan

Watch this quick video to understand Empower Network compensation plan.

A Quick Overview Of Empower Network

Empower Network is a blogging platform with a complete marketing strategy and banners already done for you, so you don’t have to waste time developing a site from scratch.

  • No need for technical skills with empower network. All you have to do is develop the content for you blog and attract prospects to your business.
  • Empower includes an 8 core checklist that will show you the fundamental steps to earn an income blogging online.
  • Empower includes a funnel that has been optimized to convert with traffic. Additional to a system that pays 70% commissions.
  • Access to advance training and the chance to become an affiliate with the first Internet marketing opportunity that has gone viral.

I feel 100% confident to encourage you to sign up with Empower if you want to establish yourself online with a life changing income.

Click Here–> To Sign Up With Empower Network

When you sign up to Empower Under Our team link you will receive-

  • 2 coaching sessions to help you start developing your business online – $200
  • Access to our private chat room on Facebook, where we develop strategies to leverage empower – priceless

Up to August 2012, Empower has paid over 10 million dollars in commissions after only 9 months of getting started. With over 40,000 members already, the system has already been proven to work!

Get all In, Stay focus and Let’s get together to be part of one of the biggest movement online.

A movement for freedom and abundance!

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