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The *POWER* of this S.Y.S.T.E.M. Can Change Your Life:

This is not a Classical Magician’s Distraction with hype, non-sense or exaggeration… I am here to share a Results-Driven, Results-Oriented SYSTEM (Save Your Self Time, Energy + Money) built for you:

  • Done For You Marketing Materials, Lead Capture Pages + Websites
  • All In One Automated Sales Funnels + Email Follow Up Series
  • Plug N Play Viral Blogging Platform + Online Marketing Videos
  • Point N Click Internet Marketing Training, Swipe Copy + Products
  • Online Wealth Machine Built by Marketers for Marketers

Empower Network provides you with a lucrative solution to complex marketing problems instantly (yes, results will vary):

  • Earn 70% Commissions With Huge Team Building Incentives
  • Not Traditional MLM or Conventional Network Marketing
  • Getting Clear on your Higher Purpose + Wealth Intentions
  • Delivering Uplifting Personal Development + Self Growth Value
  • FREE Internet Marketing Training, Websites, Videos + Systems
  • Ask About Our "FREE Advertising Co-Op When You Join Us!"

empower network income proofJanuary 2013 saw over 4,000+ aspiring empowered entrepreneurs get together in Austin, Texas for the “Release Your Inner BadA$$” Empower Network event

It was nothing short of a powerfully-inspiring, radically-shifting and magically-moving experience that gave people the permission to feel, THINK & become EMPOWERED.

Now in its second year of business and third official event since its inception, Empower Network is starting to witness massive momentum and hyper growth all over the world.
empower network facebook group
As unique as they come, Empower’s transformation has turned from “some internet deal” to a Global Movement, Company, and Opportunity that is now 90,000 members strong with no signs of slowing down.

Members all over the world are buying into the Empower Network vision and mission to uplift one another by making money online with superior quality marketing training and personal development products combined with a universally needed, accepted, and wanted viral blogging platform. The Time is NOW.

From a global perspective, we could go on for hours about all of the lucrative benefits of joining the Empower Network Higher Commissions Team, but the truth is we do not want to tactically persuade, force, or convince you of anything..rather implement the Know, Like, and Trust factor.
empower network higher commissions team
We want to invite you to Think Empowered for yourself as we introduce you to the “Year of Empower” as one of the most refreshing, exhilarating, and sought-after online business opportunities available for you to start taking immediate action today.

The Year Of Empower

year of empower network video

Empower Network Hitting Massive Momentum

Grounded by sound leadership, profound vision, and an illustrious 70% commission payout business model; David Wood’s Empower Network has hit the ever-exciting stage and phase of business few in the internet marketing, network marketing, direct sales niche ever get to..Massive Momentum!

Momentum is a critical phase required for enjoying sustainable success online, the tipping point where so many people just like you and me, are sharing, talking and spreading the message at unprecedented levels and rates due to the varying degrees of prosperity affiliates and customers are experiencing.

It’s hard to describe in words or put into vivid context exactly what the last Empower Network event was comparable to:
warning message

  • Was it life changing for 95% of the room? Yes.
  • Was it so action-inspiring that over 20,000 people have joined just weeks after the event concluded? Yes.
  • Did it give people a sense of hope and direction that they actually have the right vehicle for success? Yes.
  • Did it provide all the social proof, real life testimonials, success stories, and results you could ask for? Yes.

What happens when people from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and persona’s, all start investing back into themselves? What if you were surrounded by like-minded people with proven leadership and training, results-oriented systems and products, and the personal focus and determination to positively impact and influence the course of the world?

empower network scamNow of course there are going to be nay-sayers quick to label Empower Network a scam, so let’s play the Devil’s advocate roll. Can we prove tens of thousands of people to be wrong?

How about when you combine astounding levels of success with a dynamic, pioneering 70% commission business model that has revolutionized the affiliate marketing arena and has simplified the entire process of teaching, training, coaching, mentoring people?

And top it off with a viral blogging system proven to work from Day 1 that enables you to successfully generate a substantial income online?

When you understand the Empower Network concept and philosophy of
– Buying into a System as an Investment back into Yourself -

You can quickly begin to realize how to leverage the power of the global internet and help raise up the belief system of so many entrepreneurs looking for an easier, faster ways start achieving their goals and celebrating their breakthroughs now.

Personal Breakthroughs and Team Progress

We know that if we want to see change in the world, it must start with ourselves first and foremost.

Up until this point, we did not feel as if we had the right financial vehicle, community, or environment to bring a team into that could enjoy success and the finer things in life until Empower Network.

empower network marketing systemAt this moment, that has been our biggest personal breakthrough inside Empower Network. We are 100% confident in our ability to cultivate and harness the natural progress and transition the Empower Network Movement and Momentum has created and will continue doing so.

It really boils down to a simple formula about generating an income online. The 3 C’s of internet marketing = Create Traffic = Capture Leads = Convert Sales.

We feel as though it is our highest duty and purpose to give you permission to adapt and adjust into a new Wealth Mindset where we all start collectively thinking, feeling, and living empowered once again.

It has been our honor and privilege to be at every single Empower Network event; including Atlanta (June 2012), Costa Rica (August 2012), San Diego (September 2012) and Austin (January 2013); as well as the upcoming April 19-21 Empower Network Chicago “Get Money” Event.

We have been one of the fastest growing teams inside Empower Network and have been on top of the company’s internal leaderboards for 4 months straight and were given recognition as a top 25 affiliate out of 80,000 (at the time) at the last event.

Empower Network goes above and beyond to treat their leadership like royalty, meaning if you put the work into this system and opportunity, the payout and dividends are unmatched and unparalleled in this entire industry.

We know that if your ready to take massive action, get committed, and stand for something beyond our own selves, then we have a place for you and want you to run with us in 2013!

Empower Network – “The Weird Ones”

We call ourselves “The Weird Ones” (I am sure you can relate) and going to the all events and participating whole-heartedly has certainly made a vastly big difference in our success and belief system inside the business on just what is possible.

internet blogging systemIt starts to feel comparable to a big family reunion, everyone in high spirits, sharing and caring for one another and making money while doing it. Because all we need is instant internet access to start utilizing the Empower Network “Viral Blogging System” to our advantage and let it go to work for us.

Once you start utilizing the tools at hand and applying the success principles taught inside Empower Network, you too will experience the magical mental breakthroughs thousands and thousands of people have already started living by.

It is hard to express without personally meeting you, but being around so many visionaries and leaders inside this industry will truly shake the foundation and core of what you believe is in the realm of possibility.

We are not selling dreams here, we are sharing real life stories of “weird people” coming together and making things happen at a pace where no one could have imagined a year ago…and now its your turn to capitalize and join in on the massive momentum inside Empower Network.

Here are a few pictures to give you a brief glimpse of some of the highlights (too many moments to post them all) of our last Empower Network event.

empower network team
empower party
empower family
empower lifestyle
empower friends
leaders retreat
higher commissions
david wood
david sharpe

Why Empower Network? Why Us?

Every Empower Network event has been a major stepping-stone for us to getting results within the opportunity. Currently we are top 5 in the most new members who have joined our team and for good reason.

We are huge into self-growth and personal development and reap what we sow and practice. With no filters, we give the how-to truth and marketing knowledge to start crafting a new reality when it comes to making money online while working from home in a practical, instant, and liberating way.

With your motivation and determination to be the change you want to see in the world, we know our impact as a team, and the company’s leadership and community, will allow you to take this opportunity to the moon.

blogging with empower networkIn my 7 years of doing full time internet marketing, I feel like I have mastered the art of blogging online. With that said, I have never came across such a care-free giving culture where top leaders and experts, authorities in their own right, freely give and show step by step details on how they have been able to achieve 6 figures in this business alone in less than a year.

One of the true secrets of becoming successful in anything you do is surrounding yourself with people who have what you want or have achieved the results you are looking for. And we have that for you here, with our Higher Commissions Team and Empower Network opportunity. It is the perfect dynamic duo.

This business is created by marketers for marketers, and the impact from the top down has trickled and rippled into thousands and thousands of members and affiliates who are learning by the day how to monetize their passions, interests, and hobbies.

empower network tv videoempower network story

Why Now is the TIME to join Empower Network

A little over a year ago, Empower network went through many ups and downs as many counted them out as just another me-too product line and opportunity.

Having essentially risen from the ashes, from server overload issues, to merchant account shutdowns, Empower Network persevered through the trial and tribulations where many would have simply gave up and quit. That is the Empower Network Difference and the reason to-date why it is flourishing.

empower network failureThe monumental growth is due not only to the quality of the products and information the company offers, but also because of their ability to keep members engaged, motivated and making 70% of the money generated from sales. Failure is simply not an option.

And quite simply, now is the moment in which you need to make a lifestyle altering, mindset shifting decision that could possibly change the course of your life forever.

Empower Network has taken on a new identity as a MLM/Network Marketing/Internet Marketing hybrid and will continue to experience massive momentum for many months to come. You need to ensure you are a part of this company wide vision and movement.

A quick story about our success inside the Empower Network is on November 1, 2012, we welcome our 66th person to the team. And as of February 8th, 2013, as you can see in the picture, we welcomed an international member as our #300.

empower network members

And that is just the start. If you are taking the time to read this, you need to be apart of this now. It is your calling and life’s task.

The company is averaging 400-500 new people joining per day just to give you an idea of how fast things are going since the last Empower Network event.

empower network businessThis unique SYSTEM (Save Your Self Time Energy Money) is changing lives and giving people a legitimate chance at creating a real income online regardless previous skill set or knowledge. The secret is in the strategy of consistency and persistence.

Because Empower Network offers a plug in play, point in click, all in one, done for you, ready to rock in roll system – all you need to do is simply make a decision and get committed to a process where thousands upon thousands of people are experiencing massive success.

The choice is yours, the time is now. Do not be wishing and hoping you made the right decision months down the road when the company kicks it into another gear where thousands of people are joining daily.

Click the image right now to join the Empower Network Higher Commissions Team and see why you deserve an opportunity like this that can dramatically influence your future success and lifestyle.

join the empower network todayempower network affiliates

I have already described to you How Can Empower Network Help You Grow Your Business?
but I also want to stress the importance of considering empower network as an active tool to promote or as your primary business opportunity.


Empower Network – Going ALL IN

One thing is for sure people who are making money, who are collecting a life-changing monthly commission are ALL IN.

To be ALL IN means you have purchase the training and can earn 70% commissions from a sell.

Once you are ALL IN you are actively promoting that you believe in this opportunity, that you believe in your-self, that you don’t plan to waste time and do things in vane.

People want to learn how to make money online and they want straight answers.

empower-network-teamEmpower Network has put together some of the best training in marketing online. Keep in mind that to market things online you have to take in consideration both the dynamics and the mechanics of things.

The dynamics is more of the connection you plan to make with people and your ability to sell them once they land on your site.

The mechanics on the other hand, is how you get THAT site up and running, traffic, SEO, and really those technical things that most of us don’t simply know.

Empower network has the best hands-on training with practical strategies to drive traffic to your business.

I know this because I’m part of a team with over 10 years of experience online and some of the things we use to market and drive traffic are included in the empower network training…. As well as new strategies we now use to market.

An important thing to understand is that you never want to rely on one marketing channel.

You don’t want to rely solely on SEO and expose yourself to a hear attack with a Penguin update, for example. As well as you don’t want to rely solely on Faceebok or Youtube, etc.

What you want is to become comfortable with marketing online, having more than one stream in place working for you. You want to combine Facebook, Blogging, Search engines, and videos. That’s how you become a geeta marketer online.

Strengthen your presence online by giving your audience more places to find you.

Empower network shows you the latest strategies on how to increase the exposure of your business. This is valuable information.

How To Make Money By Going ALL IN?

marketing-systemLikewise you can use everything taught in the trainings to drive traffic to the Empower Network site and capture pages… That my friends is how the real money is made.

To better explain this, I’m going to jump back to the mechanics V.S dynamics concept.

Once you have the mechanics of the situation down. Once you can drive traffic to a site, you now have to learn how to catch people’s attention and get them to buy.

This is a new set of skills that not everyone has, which makes it harder for most people to succeed online. Not all of us are David wood and can sell an audience.

That’s the real value of empower network. They have a marketing system in place.

I’m not saying is impossible for you to learn how to sell. What I’M saying is that it takes time and you can start by taking action and joining TODAY.

You don’t need to have your own products, learn how to put a website and then figure out how to sell.

Is already done for you. You can use the Empower Network training as if it was your own training because you will be earning 70% commissions.

The message here is, you don’t have to waste time reinventing the wheel. Just plug-in to the system.

It obviously works. It has already pay 12 millions dollars in commission in only 10 months.

Promote An ALL IN Environment To Your Team

You want to be ALL In so you promote an ALL In environment in your team. We will all make more money. Getting All In, is the real message.

You want to be ALL IN, if you are actively driving traffic to your capture pages to make a sale.

If you are not All IN or not qualified to sell one of the trainings you can’t receive a commission from the sale. In other words if you didn’t buy it you can’t sell it. Simple.

The commissions will go directly to your up line.

Is a sad day when you lose a sale because you neglect your way to the top. A Sour feeling.

Stay away from that feeling by getting ALL IN.

Not having an ALL IN status is the easiest way to lose money with Empower Network.

If you are serious and are committed to your business you have to believe in yourself and the possibility that this opportunity will work for you.

Let’s promote an ALL IN environment in our business and we will all be making money.

The system is in place. All we got to do is take action and get people, IN.

Like always, the ball in on your court.

You control your destiny.

Change your life by taking action.

Get all in.

As I think back and reevaluate everything that went down this past weekend at the Empower Network Masters Retreat in Costa Rica, I feel confident to tell you it was one of the most powerful events I ever got to attend.

I had the chance to see so many breakthroughs from people who attended and a complete shift in MY-OWN perspective from everything that was shared!

It was life changing!

Empower Network Costa Rica Masters Retreat

It was empowering to be around 100 people that were willing to share their experience and make a real connection.

The event exceeded every expectation I had for this trip.

The weekend was full of “aha moments, powerful concepts, hypnotic breath taking views and beautiful people; People who had made a decision to change the course of their life by saying yes to freedom and taking action.

Trust me, there is no reason why YOU could have not been at this event if you really wanted to.

Empower Network has all the tools YOU need to start making a legit income online and more.

Not only can you get all the tools to launch a business online, more leads or what ever it is that you need out of marketing on the internet BUT also the chance to connect with genuine people who see the vision and are ALL IN for making a massive change in their life.

Today I want to tell you that you can be next.

Making money online is a realistic goal for YOU, even if you don’t know all the technical stuff or where to get started at this point. It all starts with your believe.

Believe that is possible and it IS. You can define and create your life.

Regardless of your situation right now, is never that hard to come up with money… Ever! Not now when we have tools like the Internet that empower us to reach and connect with people faster than ever before.

The Internet has evolved. Making money online is not all about putting up a site and selling products.

People want to make a real connection. They want the truth about making money online.


Why Empower Network?

The complete viral blogging system and tools that make up Empower Network serve as a platform that is ready for you to start sharing your story, your message.

No matter what kind of business you have, or if you already have a primary MLM business, Empower Network can help you attract more leads and grow your team or business.

Everyone has their own reasons and a unique story as to WHY they want to start making money online. The truth is all it takes is a decision to commit and take action.

After attending this event and hearing so many successful testimonials, I know there is really no excuse to be broke if you have a computer and Internet connection. All of use should have the chance to travel and be at beautiful places. There is no reason why you Can’t.

Once you make a decision all you need to know is that there are always obstacles which can make the journey challenging but challenges are part of the journey.

Don’t expect things to ever be easy. The road to success is never linear.

Instead be grateful there is hope in a system that has already been proven to work for so many people, who are now reaping the benefit of their work.

I know this because Empower has paid over 12 million dollars in commissions in only 10 months! Wow…!

The Company is breaking record in the industry, becoming the fastest growing Internet marketing company ever created.

The event was 5 days long and it took place in a beautiful resort in Costa Rica. There were about 100 people including some of the most influential leaders in the industry.

Is almost mind-blowing to witness what Empower Network has become after only 10 months. It has help people from all walks of life reach their dreams and do things that maybe some of them didn’t know were possible.

So what do you need to do next?

Get clear on what you want. Get clear on your intentions.

Start with the decision that no matter what it takes you will make this happen.

…And if you really want to GROW your business online make a decision to be at the next event Sept 21st in San Diego.
Events are where the connection happens.

If you want to be successful YOU have to give yourself a chance to hang out with successful people, pick their brain and mastermind to increase the production on YOUR business.

One thing is for sure people who are making money are always at the events.

Click Here–> To watch an Empower Network video.

Empower Network Event In San Diego -
Sep 21st- 23rd

If you are still in the fence and you don’t believe you can do it. Get in!  There are leaders here who will believe in YOU until you start believing in yourself.

Pictures From The Master’s Course In Costa Rica.


The ball is on your court!
Take Action.
See you in San Diego. See You at the TOP!

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